Accept online bookings on your WordPress website

WordPress support for Resermy is finally here!

A lot of our existing users have been requesting for an authentic way for accepting appointments directly on their WordPress website, and our development team has finally completed this a couple of weeks ago.

Now, not just that you get to show the booking form on your WordPress website so easily, you also get almost all of the functionality of Resermy Admin on it, too!

Resermy on WordPress admin panel

For WordPress developers or web admins, the plugin is hosted on the WordPress’s repository. Which means that you can just search for “resermy” and install it directly from on your WordPress Admin panel.

We also have an extensive documentation about the plugin, from installation, user manual, to customization, just click this link here.


If you’ve never used Resermy, and want to accept appointments via your WordPress website. Simple!

  1. Install the plugin, by searching the name “resermy” or download it here

  2. Set up a new store. Once it’s done, means you now have a Resermy account!

  3. Add the shortcode “[resermy]” on any page you want.

Poof! Works like a a magic! Your customers now can book for appointments to you directly on your website.

You might want to change the notifications settings, for example, so they you are notified when a new booking is made. Easy, just change the settings on the WordPress’s Admin Panel.
It’s so straight forward that we don’t even bother teaching you here 😜

Have fun, and allow your customer to book for appointments online to you now


Resermy is an appointment scheduling app, designed for barbershops, hair salons and beauty salons. So, if you’re running a (or multiple) hair salon, look no further, start accepting online hair appointments with Resermy!

To learn more about the plugin, click here.

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