Resermy is a relatively new tech-startup based in Penang. Working in a startup means you are an important member of a small team. The unique way in which you approach and solve a problem will be definitely noticed. While you do that, the process of learning will be enhanced too.


Full-Stack Dev

Engineering Team

Software Engineers are like rockstars in Resermy, but we also have high expectations.
As a start-up, we aren't just looking for developers that only know how transform code into product, but also versatile and all-around team players, as well as decision makers.

You'll be getting your hands dirty mostly with ExpressJS, writing API for various platforms; and "full-stack" means full-stack, you'll need to be familiar with ReactJS including Server-Side Rendering, too.

Good understanding in terms of Dev-Ops will be a huge plus, as of right now our team is kinda short in that area of expertise. 


  1. JavaScript (NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB)
  2. Unit & Functional Testing (MochaJS and Chai)
  3. Dev-Ops, Google Cloud, AWS
  4. Git

Front-end Dev

Engineering Team

If you only love assembling pretty things, we've got your back!

Front-end engineers in Resermy will be writing a lot of ReactJS and also React Native. Although you won't (or unlikely) be writing API, but you definitely need to understand and know how to communicate with them black-magic geeks via JSON API.

We want someone that take colors and positions as serious as they take the last second buzzer-beater shots (sorry, basketball reference). Attention to detail and writing efficient code are just as important as our back-end stack.

You might also need to work on our landing site (the one you're looking at) from time to time. If you know how to work with .ai or .psd files, heck, we love you!


  1. JavaScript (ReactJS, ReactNative)
  2. Unit & Functional Testing (Jest)
  3. Xcode, Android Studio
  4. Git

Graphics Designer

Creative Team

Graphics Designers are artists, basically. We respect your work, as long as they fit the purpose and more importantly, when they are awesome!

You'll be creating various graphic works like logos, icons, themes, website designs, posters, icons, and even some kind of simple animations, like a loading screen and what not. 

You'll have the most freedom in our small team of Resermy, as we're really lack of that "fancy" / "arty" talent, which means your decision making is super important to us, but also means that your works can't just be something cool, but serves no purpose at all.

We're looking for someone with a strong aesthetic sense, who also understands UX principles, and attention to detail. Your portfolio will do all the talking.

UI / UX Designer

Engineering Team

We want Resermy to be a product that provides meaningful and personally relevant experiences. Product's Usability and the Pleasure consumers drive from using Resermy are two of the most important aspects that we want to press going forward.

There are a lot of different types of Resermy users, ranging from Business Owners who use our Admin App like beauty salon owners, doctors, receptionists, to Everyday Users, like teenagers, young adults, or moms that make appointments. So each sub-project is unique and difficult in the sense that you need to deliberately think about the What, Why, and How of product use.

You'll also have a lot of opportunities to talk with our users to assist your decision making, but most importantly, a lot of research to understand the problems and how you can solve those problems.

All job openings are pretty much designated for part-timers and internships only, as we're having budget constraint at this moment. But if you're really eager to join us on a full-time basis, we can talk more in person, sure we can work something out if we think you're the perfect fit.

Like most startup, we have less people so everybody’s role is vital. We want someone that can be held accountable and self-motivated, too. Spreading positive energy while working something awesome together! 

To apply, submit your cv / résumé / portfolio to with the subject of "[Position] Application - [Your Full Name]", along with a short blurb about yourself!