We know how surprise bookings can throw you off!

Change how much buffer time required for your customers to make appointments.


By default, it is set to “30 minutes”.
Hence, for example, if the time now is 2pm, the earliest time slot customers can book is 2.30pm, but not 2.15pm, even though the time slot is technically “available”.


To change the minimum book ahead time

  1. Go to the “Booking Website” or “Booking Form“ page from the side menu

  2. At the “Reservation Settings” section, click on “Minimum Book Ahead Time

  3. Change the value

    If you’re selecting “At least 1 day“, it doesn’t mean that it is a 24 hours difference, but instead it is a day difference. This implies that at 11.59pm, customers can book for a 9am time slot tomorrow.

    Select ”I don’t mind urgent appointments” if you don’t want to set any restrictions to your customers when making appointments.