Booking Form is a real-time, responsive, and lightning-fast “interactive web component” for your customers to make appointments to you.

Think of it like a good ol’ contact form, but much smarter and powerful.

It depends on how you have your store set up, and Resermy will find the most suitable way to display your Booking Form to your customers.



Check out the sample store below, a hair salon with multiple services and multiple hair stylists on different shifts.

Generally, the process of making an appointment is, from the customer’s point of view:

  1. Select a store branch
    (optional, learn more)

  2. Select service(s)
    Learn more

  3. Select staff member(s) to continue
    (optional, learn more)

  4. Select time and date from the available slots

  5. Enter contact information

  6. Make payment
    (optional, see payment settings)

Note that the process could be different; as aforementioned, your Booking Form will be generated accordingly, depends on your needs and settings.



Resermy employs mobile-first design. Looking beautiful across devices and platforms of all dimensions.

Beautiful Themes

Designer-picked themes for you to choose from. We want you to look slick, too!


Customer Verification

We verify your customers automatically when they are making an appointment. We found this results in significant improvement in customer turn-up rate.

Always online, 24/7

No one likes “under maintenance” messages. We ensure your Booking Form is always available to accept appointments.



Our design and engineering team have put in a lot of effort to ensure there’s no programming / coding knowledge required from you to make changes; and almost everything can be configured through the Admin Panel.

Here are some of the things you can do with your very own Booking Form:

  • Change colors, styling, branding

  • Hide header, business logo, etc. (not applicable to WordPress shortcode)

  • Change the URL of Booking Form

  • Change customer information fields


Share your Booking Form

You can show your Booking Form in various ways in different platforms.

Direct URL

Every Booking Form comes with a shareable link. You can get yours and share the link to your customers via SMS, Instant Message, E-mail, Social Media, etc.


Facebook Messenger

Allow your customers to book directly through your Messenger when they chat with you on your Facebook Page.

Chatbot that interacts on behalf of you, is just like your little assistant. If your customers want to talk to you personally, the chatbot will just direct them to you, and go away.



You can easily integrate Resermy into your WordPress website by using our plugin.
With that, you can simply add a shortcode into your page / post to render the Booking Form.


Embed using iframe

If you already have a website, just use an iframe pointing to your Booking Form URL will do.
It’s quite simple, actually.


JavaScript Library

Developers will love this! We have a javascript library on CDN and you can just attach it to your web app.

Instructions coming soon


… and many more

Since your Booking Form is always available via a special URL 24/7, just treat it like your own website!

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.