Store branches are your store that are in different locations.
Customers can go to different store branches for the same services.


Branch Managers

You can assign a “Manager” for different store branches, the manager will only have Admin access to that particular store branch.



Add a New Store Branch

By default, your store doesn’t have any branches. You can add a new store branch when you’re getting started with Resermy, or whenever you expand!

To add a new store branch:

  1. Select “Store” from the menu
    * If you already have multiple branches, please select “Stores

  2. Click on “Add another Branch“

    A new staff will be added and appended to the bottom of the list

  3. OPTIONAL: If you are adding this the first time, you’ll see the first item is labelled as “Store”, and that represents the store you’ve been working on, so far.
    We recommend you to change the name to make more sense to you and your customers. Instructions are listed in the next step.

  4. You can change the info for the store branch by clicking on it:
    Name: The store name, usually is the city or street name
    Address: Is optional, but we recommend you to put in the full address
    Opening Hours: Usual opening hours of the store branch
    Contact Number: Is optional, this is the phone number that customers can make phone calls to


Change Store Branch Order

  1. Go to the “Store Branches” page

  2. Drag and drop to change their sequence


Direct Booking Website URL

Every store branch comes with a direct link for customers to book at the location specifically.

[Documentation coming soon]



If you have more than one store branch, customers now must choose a branch to make an appointment.


Assigning Staff Members

You may have staff members that are working at different branches, and in some cases, you may have staff members at different branches at different shifts, too.

Either way, don’t worry, Resermy has got you covered!



Delete a Store Branch

Deleting a staff member prevents your customers from booking at that particular branch.

Existing bookings from the store branch might be invisible to you. So please make sure you if you want to do so, or you can contact support for assistance.

To delete a service:

  1. Go to the “Store Branches” page

  2. Click on the store branch you want to remove

  3. Click “Delete

  4. Confirm