Assign your staff members to different branches to manage your business more efficiently.
* This only applies to store that has multiple branches


Branch managers can only manage staff members that are assigned to the branch.

You can add working hours for staff members for that store branch.


To assign staff members to store branches

  1. Go to the “Staff Members” page
    * could be labelled as “Hair Stylists”, “Barbers”, etc.

  2. Click on the “Staff Members” tab

  3. Click on the staff member

  4. Click on “Store Branches” list item

  5. Check or uncheck store branches for your staff member

    Checking “All store branches” means your staff are assigned to all of your store branches, if you’ve added a new store branch later.

  6. Click “OK” or the ✓ button

    Changes take effect immediately to future bookings.