Allow your customers to book directly from Facebook Messenger.

  1. Go to Settings, Select Facebook Messenger.

  2. Select Connect my Facebook pages.

  3. A facebook OAUTH dialog will pop-up to ask for your permission to access your public profile.
    Press Continue.

  4. This brings you back to Resermy Admin where all your Facebook pages are listed out.

  5. Select the Facebook page you want to allow your customers to make appointments.

  6. Click Continue to connect.

Your Facebook page is now connected with Resermy!
To test, start a conversation with your Facebook page and you'll see the magic works!


On Messenger, Click Settings, then Delete Conversation. This will show you how first-time user interacts with your page. They can still always make new appointments from the Menu.

If you want to connect more of you Facebook pages to allow appointments from the same Resermy account, just repeat the steps above.