The services that you provide to your customers.

Each service will be available to be selected for booking, both through your admin panel, and on your Booking Form.



Assign a duration value to each service. It will be used to block off your calendar availability once it’s booked.



You can show the price of each service. If your store accepts payment from customers, the total price will be shown to collect payment to complete the booking process.

You need to select “Show service prices” in order for you to add / edit service prices.



Change Service Order

On the “Services” page, drag and drop to change the sequence of how you them to be listed. Changes also take effect immediately on your Booking Form.


Select Multiple Services

You can allow your customers to select multiple services when they are making an appointment.

Selected durations and prices will be handled quietly behind the scene, don’t worry!



Add a New Service

You can add an unlimited number of services to your store. They all be be displayed for your customers to choose from when making an appointment.

To add a new service:

  1. Go to the “Services” page

  2. Click “Add New

    A new service will be added and appended to the bottom of the list

  3. Click on the new service

  4. You can change the info and settings for the service, eg.
    Name: Display name about your service, keep it short and sweet
    Description: We recommend you to add a short line or two to describe what your customers are choosing
    Color: Assign a colour to differentiate booked services on your calendar. This is only available to you, your customers will not see this.


Delete a Service

If you no longer provide a specific service, you can delete it.

Deleting a service prevents your customers from booking it; existing booked services that were just deleted would still be attached to the booking, so you don’t lose the information about the booking.

To delete a service:

  1. Go to the “Services” page

  2. Click on the service you want to remove

  3. Click “Delete

  4. Confirm