Service price represents the cost of a service, ie. how much money customers have to pay for that service.


You can show the price of each service to your customers.

You can also ask your customers to make payment when making an appointment. Then, the system will calculate the total amount they have to pay you from the service prices.

There are minimum and maximum amount for each currency you selected.


To change the price of a service

  1. Go to the “Services” page

  2. Ensure the “Show service prices” option is turned on, in order for you to add / edit service prices.

  3. Click on the service you want to modify

  4. Select “Service Price”

  5. Enter the amount

  6. Click “OK” or the ✓ button

    Changes take effect immediately to future bookings.



Amount Limit

Each service price has a minimum and maximum amount you can set.