Customers choose which service(s) to book for, and sometimes, the service you provide for booking can only be done by specific staff members.

Here, you can set them and customers can only book for the services, if those staff members are available.


By default, your staff member can perform all services that your store provides.


To change the services that a staff member can provide

  1. Go to the “Staff Members” page
    * could be labelled as “Hair Stylists”, “Barbers”, etc.

  2. If you have multiple store branches, please then click on the “Staff Members” tab

  3. Click on the staff member

  4. Click on “Services” list item

  5. Check or uncheck services for your staff member

    Checking “All services” means your staff can always accept all services, even if you’ve added a new service for your store later.

  6. Click “OK” or the ✓ button

    Changes take effect immediately to future bookings.