You can easily integrate Resermy into your WordPress website by using our plugin.


To use Resermy, you need to set up a store first, the store will be associated with your account.
If you already have a store / account, and want to connect it with your WordPress website, please click here.

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel as Administrator

  2. Select “Resermy” -> “Get Started” from the side menu

  3. Select the Service Category that best suited your business

  4. Click “Next” to continue


Hooray hooray! Your store and account should now set up successfully!


To finish setting up…

You don’t need to write any code and you’ll get your very own appointment software.
We have pre-filled some settings for you, nevertheless you can change them here now, or anytime later.

Basically, the settings are services and staff members.



Exactly as the name describes, the services that you provide to your customers. You can change the duration required for those services, you can also add price to each service later.


Staff Members

Staff members are the people in your barbershops, beauty salons, or hair salons, that can accept appointments.
Later you’ll set their availability individually in order to accept appointments, like working shifts.

Anyway, if you don’t really care about this, you can ignore them for now. Resermy works well either way.


Finally, reload the page

And lastly, we need you to reload your WordPress website to continue.

That’s it!




If you want to remove your store completely, please contact support for assistance.