You can easily integrate Resermy into your WordPress website by using our plugin.


Once your store is set up, you can now accept appointments on your WordPress website, through a Booking Form.

Booking Form is basically an interactive panel for your customers to make appointments to you. Whatever configured in the Admin Panel will be reflected and displayed on the Booking Form.

It is real-time, responsive, and lightning-fast!


Add a “shortcode”

All you need to do is just add a WordPress shortcode [resermy] block on the page you want to display the Booking Form.
* Note that you need to have your store set up first to continue.


You can literally add the [resermy] shortcode anywhere on your website, could be your home page, a new page, or even in a blog post!

To add it on a new page, for example:

  1. Select “Pages” -> “Add New” from the side menu

  2. Enter “Online Appointments” as the page title

  3. Enter [resermy] in the body
    Note that you can have as many elements on the page as you want, all we need to render the Booking Form is just the [resermy] shortcode.

  4. Click “Publish


Sit back, relax, and let your customers make appointments to you themselves from now!


Also, check out this article we’ve written, “Accept online appointments on your WordPress website”, which covers setting up Resermy from top to bottom.