Resermy can be used by any businesses, as long your businesses involves time, in terms of appointments / bookings / reservations
Learn how to set up your very own Resermy here, and start accepting online appointments in no time!


Set up your store

Learn how to set up your Resermy that matches your business needs.

Introduction to Selections (wip)

Customer Information

You can capture your customer information when they are making an appointment on your Reservation Page. Be default, your customers will have to enter their name and mobile number in order to complete a booking.
You can change this and ask your customer to enter any type of information.

Add / Edit Fields for your Customers (wip)
Add / Remove Verification Field (wip)


As you already know (you should've known!), your customers can make appointments to you on your Reservation Page (eg., but Resermy also allow other/additional alternatives!

Integration with Existing Website
Custom Domain Name (wip)
Integration with iOS App (wip)
Integration with Android App (wip)


(wip): Working in Progress


If you're looking for the documentation for our API, please refer to this.