Resermy Page

aka your reservation website

This is the website for your customers to make reservations.

We will only show your available time so you don't have to worry about double-bookings.

Resermy Admin

aka your "app"

To manage your Resermy Page, bookings, customers and everything else.

Built-in minimalist dashboard, calendar and all to make your life easier.


Key Features

Automated Reminders
Receive booking alerts via sms or push notifications. We also send friendly reminders to your customers.
Slot Configuration
Control how many simultaneous bookings you allow for one time slot. Eg. to allow / disable double bookings.
Customer Verification
Only verified mobile numbers can make bookings. You can trust the internet.
Calendar View
Simple yet beautiful display of your daily bookings.
Flexible Working Hours
Easily set your availability on any day.
Customer Black-list
You can block a particular customer from making you bookings.
Beautiful Themes
Choose from our designer-pick themes to suit your brand and style.
SEO Friendly
Your Resermy Page will be indexed by search engines and your customers can find you on Google.
Build any Resermy page. If your business involves reservations, you can use Resermy.
Customer Database
All of your customer information will be stored automatically and be retrieved on your command.
Secure Storage
Your business and your customer information are all encrypted and securely stored. Only you can access them.
No Downloads
All you need is a smartphone that can access to the internet.